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The Central Vacuum
The central vacuum is embedded in the house, has a 30 foot light, flexible hose, and a canister that usually goes in the garage. Great for all homes, you utilize the light hose instead of dragging a vacuum motor through your home.

The central vacuum offers health benefits because exhausts are vented through the garage instead of the house. It is powerful and easier to use on all floor types than a standard vacuum.

Vacuum Installation
Central vacuums are great investments and add value to your house. They have large dirt canisters that need changing much less often. They are cleaner, healthier, and quieter than the standard upright or canister vacuum. Our crew installs them into new and existing homes.

For existing homes, the installation takes a bit of creativity. We run lines through crawlspaces or attics and may come down through walls. We are dedicated to making sure your new central vacuum is properly installed as if it were going into a new house.

Service & Repair
People sometimes vacuum up floor debris that should not have necessarily been vacuumed and gets lodged in the vacuum pipe. As time goes on, a clog forms. In time, you will need replacement motors or electronics. With proper cleaning and maintenance, quality central vacuum motors can last 10-25 years; the average being around 15 years.

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