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Local & Fast
Central Vacuum Repair
(usually takes 1h & 10m)

We help people in LA with a broken Central Vacuum System, get it fixed, no matter what the problem is.




  • It takes less than 10 minutes to book an appointment (if you call us Mon-Sat from 7:30am - 5pm)

  • And it will take us less than 1 hour to completely repair, service & clean your central vacuum (aka "whole house vacuum" or "built in vacuum").

And, this is how it happens:


  • We arrive in our famous white van, exactly on time.

  • We put blue booties over our shoes before walking into your house.

  • We fix the problem, clean your vacuum, and test the airflow.

  • We perform a preventative maintenance.

  • Then, we take the time to explain everything to you.

This is how much is costs:

Most service calls take less than 60 minutes & cost $195 for labor plus any required parts, tools, bags or filters.

Repairs that take longer usually involve a broken wire, broken pipe, extreme clog or replacement of all inlets. In such cases additional labor is $25 per quarter hour after the first hour.

And, you get our triple guarantee


The technician will arrive on time, be polite, and very knowledgeable (both of our technicians have 20+ years of experience)


If you are unhappy with the work, just tell the technician. He will charge you nothing for the labor and will take back any parts or accessories that you don't want to buy.



If anything goes wrong with the parts or service we sold you (within 1-year), we will fix, replace, or service it 100% free. (the units that we repair usually go at least 12 years without needing another repair and if anything’s going to happen, it’s going to happen within the first 12 months. So, you are absolutely covered.)

To order this service, just call or text: (818)881-3179

(and please ask every question you have)

Want to save
some money?

We have a 2-page guide that will show you how to fix (almost) any Central Vacuum problem on your own. Just click the box right below.

Top 2 reasons
people need repair

(remember: it doesn’t matter if it is a MD Central Vac or a Beam Vacuum or a Vac U Flo or Whole House Vacuum or Built In Vacuum or just a plain Central Vacuum. It is all the same. They are all built slightly different, but pretty much have the same problems)


(1) Low Suction

This means that your whole house vacuum is probably having one of these problems (hiring a central vac repair expert is recommended).

  • Clog somewhere in the system

  • Clog somewhere in the vacuum tube

  • Clog in the hose

  • Unit is good, but the pipes have leaks

  • The power unit has bad suction



(2) No Suction

This means that your built in vacuum is having one of these problems (hiring a central vac repair expert is highly recommended).

  • Electrical failure

  • An inlet went bad

  • A low voltage wire is cut

  • Short in the power unit

  • Short in the low voltage system

  • Relay is getting power but it’s not starting the unit

  • The power unit is not getting electricity

  • The transformer and motor are not getting power

  • The low voltage in the hose is not working


As you can see, some problems are very simple, and some problems are very complex. If you want to take a stab at it yourself, please use this guide. It’s completely free.

But if you want your central vac repaired fast and you don’t want to worry about things going wrong. Just give us a call. We are happy to help to you (818)881-3179