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Info on Central
Vacuum Systems

Here are some video demonstrations we made!

Why do celebrities own them?
Do people regret buying them?

If they regret anything it's usually one of these 3 things:

  • Regret getting a bagless Central Vacuum (because it’s gross emptying the dirt out every 4 months)

  • Regret not getting a hide-a-hose (because you have to carry a 25 foot hose all through your house)

  • Regret not getting a hose sock (Central Vacuum hoses are made of very strong plastic. And that can scrape the paint off your walls when you use it to clean. A hose sock slides over that plastic tube and makes the whole thing soft. So when you vacuum, you don’t damage any of your furniture)

What are the advantages?

My son called 100 of our Clients and asked them: “Do you like your Central Vacuum? If so, why?”


Here are 3 of the responses:

  • “When you change the bag with all the dirt in it, it's in the garage so it stays out of the house”

  • “I never use it, but our cleaning lady loves it because she doesn't have to carry around the regular vacuum cleaner. Easy access to all areas of the house, with just a hose”

  • “It came with the house. I like it because I don't need to clean as frequently because of it and it's just convenient… but the wood floor brush is always breaking [she had a very old brush, so we sent her a new one 4 free]”

These people don’t even vacuum their own home. But a Central Vacuum System is still a must for many LA Celebrities, here’s why:

  • It’s harder for housekeepers to damage the furniture or floors because of how light it is (when carrying around a normal vacuum, your arms can get tired and it’s easy to accidentally bang the walls or the floor. That doesn’t happen with this vacuum.)

  • It can reduce your allergies by as much as 61%, according to a study by UC Davis (we design these to take all the air sucked into the vacuum and blow it into the garage or outdoors. That’s the reason allergies are reduced. Normal vacuums don’t do this, they blow the air back into the house and that causes some people to have more allergies.)

  • Your home is legally considered more “green” if you have one of these (The National Green Building Standard awards one “LEED” (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) point toward homes containing a central vacuum system and the National Association of Home Builders “Green Building Standard” awards five points)

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